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Description of Statement Review

HP Inc. is currently conducting a review of suppliers' records. We are requesting a listing of all open due items as far back as your receivables system can accommodate. All open credits, offsets and unapplied cash details, deductions, return authorizations, adjustments, prepayments and advances will be accounted in orderly manner. The HP team will work to ensure all aged transactions are resolved as soon as possible. This process is to address all aged credits due by the suppliers to HP Inc..

Benefits to the supplier

  • Helps clear aged outstanding balances or unapplied credit balances off suppliers records
  • Account for sales returns on time
  • Helps in two-way reconciliation process
  • Assist in finished goods inventory valuation
The statement request letter would be sent across to you once we get your contact details.

There is no change for invoice submission, please continue to send invoices through normal channels.

Please provide the name, e-mail address, phone and fax number of the accounts receivable representative we may contact. Please, refer to the "How to contact us" section below.

How to contact us

In case of any further clarifications, please contact:

Name: Sreekar Babu A
Email address: sreekar-babu.a@hp.com
Telephone: +91 (0) 80 3384 6537 or
Mail us @ Statement.review@hp.com

Or you may fax us @
(Toll Free) 1-866-899-8552
(Houston) 1-281-582-5139

Thanks in advance for your co-operation, looking forward to contact you in the near future.

With warm regards,
HP Inc.
Global e: Business Centre
India, Bangalore 560071