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About the HP Supplier Portal

The Supplier Portal provides an external-facing portal for HP suppliers, business partners and vendors and the internal HP community.

The Supplier Portal enables the next generation of business partner collaboration by providing customized, partner-specific access to HP content, services, applications and tools all delivered securely to the end user's desktop through the public Internet.

This is the HP INC. Supplier Portal. If you intended to go to the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Supplier Portal, Click here.


» HP has contracted with C2FO to provide dynamic discounting capability. Suppliers are able to view their invoices and request to be paid early in exchange for a discount on the commodity or service. For more information, Click here.

» HP Payment Terms

» Management of Change program: Raw material supplier requirements As part of Management of Change program, HPI requires that raw material suppliers, either directly or through an approved distributor, shall inform HPI of any changes that may affect product/material quality or fit for use.