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Contingent Worker Resources

  • HP Contingent Worker Code of Conduct Training

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  • Working Safely During COVID-19 Training

  • HP Contingent Workers (CWs) supporting HP's U.S. Public Sector business are required annually to complete training on how to conduct business with this customer segment.

    Many complex laws and regulations govern HP business transactions whenever the end-user of HP products or services is a U.S. Public Sector entity (including U.S. territory government entities) or involve public funding. In every encounter with a U.S. Public Sector entity or worker, HP must consider special rules that may apply. The rules may vary widely from one transaction to the next, depending on the specific U.S. Public Sector customer and applicable laws and regulations.

    CWs must be able to recognize situations in which specialized rules may apply and know how to seek expert help when necessary. This course is designed to help you do just that.

    Every CW is personally accountable for complying with the standards and laws governing how HP does business. This means understanding and following the HP Supplier Codes of Conducts and seeking advice when confronted with ethical issues.

    Please complete the installation and then open and start the course. Retain your proof of completion.

  • Agency Contractors working in certain job roles at HP must be familiar with HP-specific processes relating to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), a 1996 US federal law focused on information privacy/security and the handling of Protected Health Information (PHI). If you are in any of the following US-based job roles, this core training is required prior to commencing work with HP:

    Customer Engineer/Field Technician; Contact Center Agent; Sales/Pursuit; System Architect; Account Management; Legal; Procurement; Vendor Management; Supply Chain; Hosted Application Management

    Please click here and complete the installation of it, then open and start the course. Retain your proof of completion.

    Additionally, if your role is US-based Customer Engineer/Field Technician, the HIPAA Media Handling Form supplemental training is also required.

  • Agency Contractor Countries in Scope

  • Global Agency Contractor Program

  • Training Courses are available to suppliers on a variety of different modules. Supplier users can take these courses at any time by following the steps below:

    1. Log into your Fieldglass account.
    2. Click on the Help icon in the top right corner (?), and go to Training Courses.
    3. Click on one of the training courses, and a pop up window will appear.
    4. If the training course does not automatically begin, please click on the shield icon on the top right of the pop up window, and click "Load unsafe scripts".
    5. Please be sure to grant Fieldglass the permission to run flash.

    In addition, live training is available to educate supplier users on how to navigate the system and properly address common issues that may arise. These occur on a biweekly basis and all cover the same subjects, so users can attend the session that is most convenient for them. Suppliers can register here .

    The following user guides are also available.

    SAP Fieldglass Supplier Transactional Guide.
    SAP Fieldglass Supplier Administrator Reference Guide.

    For any other query supplier may submit a case to , and a support agent can assist further.

  • An orientation and training document that works as guideline for approved Staffing Suppliers that provides Agency Contractor staffing services to HP Inc.

  • Assignment Begin Checks (ABC)

  • Assignment Begin Checklists€ or €œABC means a document provided by Supplier to HP, which demonstrates all pre-assignment conditions have been met prior to the first assignment date in HP, such as drug screen, Physical Examination, background checks, Conduct orientation, etc. It is the supplier's responsibility to coordinate all of this before the assignment begins.

  • HP Contingent Worker Code of Conduct

  • All contingent workers (non-HP employees) performing services for HP must, under the direction and control of their respective employees, comply with the provisions of this code of conduct.

  • Contingent Worker Code of Conduct Policy

    Integrity at HP for Contingent Workers - download
    Click on the link next to your language to save the file to your hard drive.

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    Chinese (Simplified) CWCoC_CHS
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    Vietnamese CWCoC_VIE

    HP Ethics concerns

  • At HP, we are committed to maintaining an environment where everyone feels comfortable raising concerns without fear of retaliation. Everyone has a responsibility to report any suspected misconduct immediately and honestly.Contingent workers should submit concerns to their employer, a member of HP management, or HP's Ethics and Compliance Office.

  • Ethics concerns reporting

    Ethics concerns reporting for Contingent workers- download Click on the link next to your language to save the file to your hard drive.