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AP Online overview

AP Online (APO) is an Internet self-service tool, which gives external customers and suppliers the ability to directly access their business transactions, such as pending invoices and payments. AP Online is a secured web site where each registered user will be allowed access related to their specific Company transactions. A valid User Id and password grants access to the application. User profiles are configured based on HP Internal vendor number(s) managed by the AP Online Administrator.

Authorized users may access one or more of the following read-only pages: Vendor Details, Invoice Details, Purchase Order Details, and/or Payment Details via the AP Online application. In addition, external customers and suppliers may interact with HP Inc.'s Customer Response Centers utilizing e-mail forms within the application. 

Note: This application is not to be confused with OB10, HP's electronically-submitted invoicing tool. In addition

HP employees:
AP Online has been developed exclusively for vendors.
Please, check what tools are available to you here: How to check invoice and payment status



         To register go to: 

Registration instructions:

  • Go to http://www.hp.com/go/aponline
  • Complete the "Sign-in information" and "Personal information" sections

  • Check the "AP Online" service box at the bottom of the page

  • Click "Continue"

  • Complete the "Mandatory Business information", "Additional Information" and "Additional Authorization" sections

  • Click "Submit"

Await confirmation and welcome message from AP Online. This may take several days. Then access AP Online by using the "Sign-in using user id and password" link on the Supplier Portal left navigation. After login, the AP Online link will be displayed on the left navigation menu.


Guides and Demonstrations

Getting Started Guide:
English Français Deutsch Español
User Guide:
General: English Français Deutsch Español  Portuguese
Payment Notification (Remittance Advice): English Français Deutsch Español
Recorded training:
Registration: English Français  Deutsch  Español  Portuguese
Usage:          English Français Deutsch Español Portuguese

AP Online benefits

Saving time and money

  • Access AP Online free of charge

  • Use the tool at your convenience without the need for a phone call

  • View all invoices and payments together on one screen

Easy management of your HP account

  • Securely access the application any time 24 x 7

  • View information in Spanish, French, German or English

  • Download your data into a spreadsheet for further analysis

  • Request registration for as many employees as required

  • Access data related to all HP regional accounts you manage