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Unregistered users information

Unregistered users are welcome to browse the non-secured pages of the HP Supplier Portal. These resources are provided to enable our current and future HP business partners to access non-restricted and non-confidential HP information that is relevant to doing business with HP.

The HP Supplier Portal also provides access to secure content/services protected by two independent authentication models. The first is the digital certificate model (Class B Authentication), which handles HP Confidential data and requires your company to sign a BPIA legal agreement with HP. The second is the User id and Password model (Class C Authentication), which handles HP Restricted data and requires users to sign a separate CDA/NDA. Users must contact the HP service/content owner to find out which of the authentication models they need to use.

For more information, please visit the FAQ's page using the "FAQs" link on the left navigation

Digital certificate protected services

Digital certificate protected services correspond to services with a Class B authentication model. Services under this model are HP Confidential and can only be access using a BPIA digital certificate (or digital badge for HP employees). This means that your company will need to sign a BPIA legal agreement with HP. Once you have a digital certificate you can also get access to Class C services if you explicitly request the service and are granted authorization from the HP service owner.

To find out if your company has established BPIA with HP, please contact the person in charge in your company. Alternatively, you can contact the HP Supplier Portal support team.

The BPIA Legal Agreement and associated BPIA FAQs are available via the following link BPIA Business Partner Enrollment web site.

Password protected services

Password protected services correspond to services with a Class C authentication model. Services under this model are HP Restricted and can be accessed using user-id and password. Users are required to sign a separate CDA/NDA and fill a registration form. This registration process will include your request for Class C protected portal services and will in turn trigger the HP service owner to contact you and obtain the appropriate CDA/NDA to authorize access.

To sign up for a Class C service, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the New User - Registration Page
  • Complete the "Sign-in information", "Personal information" and "Services Access request" sections
  • Click "Continue"
  • Click "Submit"

Within two business days of your request, you will receive a confirmation and access information via email.  After this, simply access the service by using the "Sign-in using user id and password" link on the Supplier Portal left navigation. You will need to enter your user id and password. After login, the service link will be displayed on the Supplier Portal secure home left navigation.